What is that chirping coming from under my cars hood

Now that the cold weather is upon us you may notice that there is a chirping sound coming from your car's engine.

This is probably not Tweety Bird flying around under your hood! It’s most likely your serpentine belt. read more...


woman on phone hood of car up

The serpentine belt on most vehicles is a single belt that is used for driving multiple devices on your engine such as the alternator,

power steering pump, water pump and air conditioning compressor and that is why is essential that the serpentine belt,

belt tensioner and pulleys are in proper working order.

When the rubber from the belt gets cold and the elements have caused some negative effects on it, it’s a sign that it’s probably time to replace it.

Along with the serpentine belt, the belt tensioner and pulleys can also be due for replacement. Having these components replaced simultaneously

can reflect in some savings for you. Kind of two for one on the labor. The expense of these repairs done separately can add up monetarily,

so if your vehicle is reaching the 80 thousand mile point, manufacturers recommendations state they both should be replaced. 

No it’s not the little sparrow that’s found a home under the hood of your vehicle. Come on in, we’ll do a diagnostic and based on our findings and

manufacturers specifications we will make a recommendation.




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