What's that smell in my car?

Now that the colder temperatures have started you may have taken notice that when you turn on your vehicle and crank the heat to warm up for your morning commute you may experience a mildew or musty smell. Most cars have something called a cabin air filter that is used to filter the air through the temperature control system. You may not have used your controls much since the heat of the summer and running your air conditioner to keep cool. 


When the air conditioning system is running it pulls the moisture out of the cabin of your vehicle and releases moisture out  through the bottom of the car. Some moisture does end up getting trapped in the condenser box and filter, then becomes moldy, ultimately bacteria will grow and cause unpleasant odors. 

It is good practice to change out that filter where moisture builds up frequently. As an added benefit, we offer a service where we can disinfect the inside of the air box, replace the cabin air filter and remove those germs and bacteria. 

When your car runs the engine creates heat that, while sitting outside it becomes an invitation of warmth to small critters who have been battling the elements. You would probably not suspect it, but on many occasions we have found nests in the filter box, which create another level of nasty smells.  

If you are experiencing some unpleasant odors when cranking up the heat, it’s a good indication that you should bring your car in for service so we can run a cleaning service, disinfect and get you breathing some fresh air. 


Cabin Air Filter
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