Over Filling Your Gas Tank

Over Filling Your Gas Tank

Your vehicle is an essential part of your lifestyle.

Making sure that you have fuel in your vehicle is not such a difficult subject to address.

You know that you need gas to run your car, oil to lubricate your engine, and routine

maintenance to ensure that it performs at it’s best and will get you from point A to point B.


What you might not be aware of is that something that seems as innocent as over

filling your fuel tank can actually cause more harm than good. It’s tempting when

you are at the pump to round the meter to the next round dollar amount,

particularly if you are paying with cash. Gas station attendants will sometimes try

to do the same, avoiding having to give coins as change. Once the sensor clicks,

they might go for just .40 more to make it an even dollar amount.

What can it hurt? Well, what you may not realize is that this can actually be harmful

to your vehicle and cause some unnecessary damage to your vehicle's system,

that can result in some costly repairs.

Charcoal canisters:

The charcoal canister, or carbon filter are designed for vapor only,

when the gas tank is overfilled itcan cause liquid gas to enter them

therefore causing damage.


The evaporation system that is meant to vent the fuel tank pressure

can become damaged by overfilling.

Expense you can avoid:

When the tank is overfilled, all of the excess fuel is sent to the

evap/charcoal canister. That will diminish the lifeof the canister

which causes emission problems. Your car’s performance can be

affected by gas in the system.By making sure the tank is full by

checking the gauge, a poor performing evap system can cause

issues when fueling. There can also be an issue without the Check

Engine Light being illuminated on the dashboard. 

Our skilled technicians can evaluate and make recommendations to

help fix the problem and prevent further damage. 


It is a good practice not to run a fuel tank below ¼ of a tank as the

fuel keeps the fuel pump cool.


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