Stay comfortable in the heat of Summer

Dig your toes into the Sand

The temperature is rising and the summer is in full swing. You are getting your flip flops out

and packing up for a nice day trip to the beach.🏖️You anticipate all you will need, chairs, towels,

hat, sunscreen, umbrella, snacks, drinks, Sunglasses and the novel you picked up and are finally

going to get to  put your nose in. You’re all gassed up and ready to hit the road. You are so excited

about literally laying on the beach and frying in the hot summer sun while you hear the ocean waves🌊

crashing and the smell of salt from the ocean it is methodic. You even appreciate the sea gulls attempting

to swipe your chips right out of your hand.

Oh yeah, it’s summertime and you are headed to the Jersey Shore. :)


This is your perfect scenario of a day off at the beach.. Others might not appreciate your love for baking in

the sun, but this is your daydream, your day trip. It’s how ever you want it to be! 

The part that isn’t in  this plan is getting in the packed, prepped car with your partner in crime for the day

and discovering that your A/C has decided to take the day off too! (NOOOO, NOT TODAY!) 

Even though every part of the plan in your head involved taking on the summer heat with both arms in an

enormous hug, the A/C not working while you sit in traffic on the parkway was NOT on the agenda.




Fear not, we can help!

Taking advantage of our A/C Performance Check now can help ensure that scenero #1 continues on perfectly


after a beautiful day on the beach you stop for ice cream on the way home. Not burnt to a crisp, but your tan is

looking amazing and that book was the best read you’ve had in a very long time.

We are sucker’s for  happy endings here too!


Rewrite the script & have your day play out perfectly

A/C Performance Check

Evaluate all the System Components

Evacuate the A/C System

Examine with ultraviolet Light for Leaks

Recharge System Ultraviolet Dye

Install Refrigerant Up to 1 pound


Give us a call or you can schedule your appointment online. 

We will perform an A/C Performance check up. 

We will inspect all the major components of your A/C system. This entails evacuating and recharging the system.

Once the system is recharged an ultraviolet dye is injected into the system. This enables us to inspect the system

with an ultraviolet light that will identify if any of the dye is visible and pinpoint any leaks. No signs of leaks and

we will have you on  your way with a follow up appointment made in two weeks so that we can reinspect with

the ultraviolet light system and make certain that no other leaks are apparent.

Should your vehicle start to blow warm air again sooner than the two weeks, we will be happy to fit you in

immediately and diagnose the problem, estimate the repairs and get you enjoying your summer in your cool

comfortable ride. .  

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