Routine Check Ups The Dr. Says



Taking care of your car and getting routine maintenance and repairs on it is definitely

like going to the doctors. In the respect that if you don’t take care of your body, it’s not

going to work the way it should. Same for your vehicle. 



Choosing the right auto technician is like choosing a Dr. You want someone who is going to

listen to your symptoms, make you stick out your tongue and say ahhh, notice if your blood work

is where it should be, look, run test and understand what it is that you are experiencing and then,

make a diagnosis and suggest a plan of action. 


So, I’m taking the magician hat off for a minute and pulling out my charts and stethoscope on your vehicle and together with you, we will come up with a plan.



The super cool thing about your car, is that they guys who made it, gave you a little book,

yup don’t believe me, look in the glove box. There’s actually a manual. I bet new parents

walking around with a crying baby had one of these. Oh wait - yeah someone thought of that too!

Routine health checks are so important to make certain that your body is healthy and 

you are feeling your best. 



When you bring your vehicle for regular service our technicians are going over your vehicle with

a fine toothed comb. Checking the dash, under the hood, under the vehicle, tire pressures and treads.

Making sure the fluid levels are where they should be and that they are clean from debris that can

damage your engine. They make sure the brakes are at the safest level. 

After all these inspections are completed, they will make recommendations based on their findings,

document and photograph the good and the concerns  green good, yellow warning, and of course red, Stop.

It’s critical for the safety and health of your vehicle. They investigate into the manufacturers specifications

to ensure that parts are replaced based on the mileage of the vehicle, if it is not showing signs of damage,

it’s good practice to replace it when suggested. 

We can provide to you a digital inspection report of all the findings from the technician and send it to you

via text or email. Our service management team will go over all the information with you over the phone

and make recommendations and provide quotes for services. You are never left sitting, wondering what’s next. We will guide you through the process and educate you on what the importance of each situation is. 


We always want to do our absolute best to educate you and explain to you the importance of each

recommendation the technician makes and why.

In the long run, having this information provided to you by our ASE certified technicians,

gives you a snapshot of the health of your vehicle. When you know what concerns should be

addressed and when will help you in planning a strategic and beneficial schedule of

when everything needs to be addressed.


This may allow you to prepare financially for items

with bigger repair tickets and prevent some unnecessary damage to  your vehicle.

We offer the Napa warranty on all of our repairs and can help you with any financing with

the Napa EasyPay credit card. It’s a simple and quick application you will know in moments

of your approval for 0% financing they offer on repairs over $199.00.

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