Head back to class confidently

Embrace the last rays of summer and make the most of these precious moments. We're here to share some news as August graces us with its presence: the back-to-school excitement is officially underway. If you, or your cherished ones, are gearing up for a return to school come September, consider this a gentle nudge to have your vehicle given a thorough check.

Especially if your journeys take you beyond familiar horizons, rest assured that our steadfast commitment, backed by the Napa Nationwide warranty, stands ready to address any repairs you might need.

Understanding the value of your time, we've tailored a comprehensive package to assist you in ticking off those tasks on your list. When you bring your vehicle to us, rest assured, we're not simply giving it a once-over – we're conducting an in-depth inspection to ensure your car is primed for the upcoming season.

Our Back to School Check encompasses:

Tire rotation and balance

Alignment adjustment

Oil and filter change

Wiper replacement

Beyond these essentials, our adept technicians will conduct a meticulous examination, covering every aspect of your vehicle's well-being

Thorough coolant system assessment

Comprehensive fluid level checks

Rigorous charging system evaluation

A comprehensive vehicle preventative maintenance inspection

A diligent examination of hoses, clamps, and belts

Scrutiny of wiper and washer system functionality

All of these measures are in place to guarantee your safety and peace of mind, all available to you for only $250 plus tax.

Should you seek to welcome the school year with an extra layer of assurance, we invite you to reach out to us at 973-663-4472 or conveniently schedule your appointment online at www.automotivemagic.com. Your safety and comfort remain our utmost priority.


Back to School
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