Winter Wiper Blades

It’s wiper blade season. Time to get prepared for the inclimate weather that is approaching.

With the cold weather upon us we tend to try to rush getting into our vehicles and get out of the cold.  When you fail to let the vehicle warm up properly you can experience the wiper blades sticking to the windshield. Some will use the wipers to remove the dirt or even use the snow from the ground to clean the windshield for better visibility. This can cause damage to the wipers, make them wear out prematurely or even damage the arms and the motor.

It’s recommended to prepare with a set of winter wiper blades. Winter Blades are intended to do a heavier removal of ice and snow and have a smooth surface to eliminate the accumulation of  snow and ice and get better contact with the glass. 

Snow and icy weather limits visibility, if your wipers aren’t doing their intended job, it can build up and further diminish your sight, making driving even more difficult and hazardous.




Winter wiper blades are much heavier than summer or all season blades, making it easier to work trough heavy snow and ice that builds up on your windshield during a storm.


Here are some guidelines to when you should replace them and some tips to help you through the winter driving season. 

Wiper manufacturers recommend that you replace your wipers every season which is every three months. 

Extreme temperatures can affect the wear of the rubber causing it to dry rot.  


Testing your wipers and fluid by Simply Turning them on in normal conditions will give you an idea if they are streaky and need to be replaced.

Keep a Backup pair In your vehicle.

Weather is Unpredictable, a beautiful day can turn to rain and ice quickly!

Being Prepared for changing conditions is a smart way to avoid unnecessary situations. They take up very little space in your trunk, which is a bonus.



Request RainX for your windshield at your next service. It can extend the life of your wipers and ensure you have optimum visability while traveling.

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