What's That Noise Coming From You Brakes

What's That Noise Coming From You Brakes

It seems as though a lot of people that were staying at home during the Covid 19 pandemic have noticed some brake noises

that started to show up after their vehicles sat without being driven for some time. 

How Having a Brake Inspection Service Can Benefit Your Vehicle

In some cases the noises sound a lot worse than they actually are. From sitting a build up of rust can build up on the rotors. It is always best to error on the side of caution and schedule a routine check up by your automotive technician. Our technicians can diagnose the cause by disassembling the brakes so they can get an in depth understanding of where the noise is coming from and how the problem can be fixed. In some cases, all that may be needed is some lubrication. This can be effective in removing some of the rust that is causing the noises.



Diagnosis and Repairs

Your vehicle may not necessarily need any parts, and a thorough inspection will determine what is necessary to address the problem. 

If you are driving your vehicle and you hear noise or grinding coming from your brakes make sure you call us immediately. 

There could be some additional attention needed and putting off necessary repairs may lead to more extensive repairs.

Should your vehicle be in need of brakes, rotors or calipers we can quickly assess and diagnose what’s needed, estimate the cost of repairs and the time needed to complete the repair. We can do these things quickly at limited inconvenience to you. 

Diagnostic Tools

One of the best tools used in a brake inspection is an infrared thermometer.

After test driving the vehicle the technician will check the brake temperatures at all 4 wheels, this is an excellent indicator if and where your brakes need attention and servicing.

This will allow the technician a target point where to begin their physical inspection.

After approved brake service has been performed, a second test drive for quality control will again review brake temperatures at all 4 wheels to ensure brake components are working properly.


Brake Noise
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