Repair of the Month November 2022

For Novembers Repair of The Month, we have a 2014 Dodge Charger 3.6L Pentastar that came in with an
underperforming and ticking engine. The ticking sound was caused by a seized lifter which in turn,
grinds down the camshaft lobe as you can see in one picture. When this happens, the valve does not
open fully which dramatically hurts fuel efficiency and engine performance. If ignored too long a large
amount of metal shavings will make their way throughout the entire engines oil system causing
catastrophic engine failure. Our technician was easily able to diagnose and identify the issue. 

And with a fresh camshaft and all new lifter and rocker arms, this engine was back to full performance, reliability and fuel efficiency in no time! 4

While we were there the customer also agreed to freshen up the timing
components, replacing the timing chains, guides, and tensioners.

These are common issues with these
engines stemming from lack of maintenance, poor design and location of the engine oil filter. The oil filter
is upside down causing all the oil to drain out of it every time the engine is shut down, making the oil
pump have to fill the filter with oil every time the engine is started. This makes the engine spin without oil
pressure way more than we would like to see on every start up. We have researched this trying to find a
solution for our customers and we have found a couple! Besides obvious consistent regular
maintenance needed, we have found a company ( ) that makes
a remote oil filter housing that changes the location and orientation of the oil filter keeping it always full
of oil . Another upgrade that will help would be an engine preluber, which pressurizes the engine with oil
right before you start it. We want to help our customers get to the root of the problem to avoid costly
repairs that could have been prevented. Bring your car by for a full complimentary Health Inspection and
we will get you on a scheduled maintenance program to keep your vehicles running pristine and avoid
costly repairs for years to come!

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