Nitrogen In Your Tires Extending Tire Life

Where the rubber meets the road


For our customers, our family and our friends.  Your safety and your families safety

is always our first and foremost priority. 

Auto repairs can be inconvenient and costly and not always the top of your list of Have to’s -

The safety portion well yes, they fall into the inconvenient and costly category, but it is absolutely our priority.

Your well being is riding on it. 

Yes, there is maintenance upkeep and investments in the long term care of your car, but the safety stuff,

there’s no price that should be put on that. 

So, as an absolute must, top of the list, no fooling around here are the basics:


Tires And Brakes

Absolutely the top two, We can’t even say one is more important than the other. 

Because if you have good tires and the brakes are shot..

Whamo! Bad news, and if your brakes are in excellent condition

and your tires are bald.. Bad, just bad! 


Tire tread should be at 4/32" or better and yes, you can rotate to extend their life and make them preform at their best.

However - Bald = No Bueno!


We hope that you get where we are coming from. 

Here’s a little statistical link if you want some additional reassurance..

Here’s an inside look

Nitrogen in your tires. 

Yes air is important to keep the inflation levels to their specific needs If you are ever in question regarding your tire size or

inflation level - a little trick. On the inside of your drivers side door, there’s a sticker that looks something like this..

Here is the place you get your info. It’s even easier than looking in the glove box for the manual..

(we know, there they go again with the “manual” blah,, blah, blah stuff.) 

We know you really don’t want to play the scavenger hunt game with us now that you are cozy on your couch and going

to your car requires shoes, a jacket maybe… We get it. But, Before we stop beating that horse, we will make it easier on you,

most manufacturers have downloadable manuals. This means that you can store it directly on your phone,

you don’t even need to look in the glove box, and you’ll always have it with you.

No moving required for this part either. Here’s a little tidbit of info that just requires you hitting

the play button on the video. Even a link for schedule appointment.




So, assuming you watched, that was quick and pretty painless right?? Right?? 

We will  even recap so you don’t even need a pen to write this down.

Nitrogen in your tires

Extends tire life

Makes tread wear more evenly

Promotes even wear

Better Gas Mileage

Nascar drivers do it

$10 per tire initially, and we’ll set you up throughout the year if needed.

Pretty much a win win as far as investments go..

Give us a call

Schedule on line

Refer a friend.

Happy driving!

Stay tuned...Brakes are next =)



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