Maintenance tips that can save you money when fueling up

Fuel Saving Tips:

Here in New Jersey, we are no exception to the price of fuel rising every day. We know that making every gallon count is on everyone's minds. There are some services that we offer that can help you extend those fill-ups and possibly save you some money.

When it comes to your tire inflation, nitrogen is a larger molecule than the molecules in the air which in turn makes it much less prone to leaking. Keeping the correct amount of PSI in your tires makes the vehicle roll effortlessly and efficiently. When the PSI is low the tires do not perform to their capacity and it's equivalent to trying to run in the sand.  

A fuel injection cleaning is a vital part of vehicle maintenance, a clean injector atomizes the fuel into a fine mist which makes for complete combustion equaling maximum power and fuel mileage. Injectors easily get dirty from contaminants in the fuel and carbon build-up from combustion making poor atomization of the fuel which hurts fuel economy and power.
An intake decarbonization service thoroughly cleans the intake manifold, throttle body, engine valves, and
 the combustion chamber of gunk and carbon build-up. Keeping these components clean makes sure your engine is operating at peak performance and efficiency giving maximum power and fuel mileage. These components get dirty and restricted which robs the engine of performance and fuel mileage by restricting airflow to the combustion chamber. We also add a professional grade additive in the fuel tank to completely clean the fuel system from the tank to the pistons, which also restores fuel mileage and power


Gas saving tips
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