December Repair of the Month

2017 Ford Fusion with multiple different electronic issues, from lights and dashboard not working, radio acting weird, and many little random glitches that don't add up. Our technician was able to diagnose the issue and deemed it to be CAN bus-related. These issues are normally very difficult to diagnose or
even impossible for some without proper training and experience. 
    These days, all modern vehicles, from conventional combustion-powered cars to the latest EVs, feature a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus. It's the electronic communication system that lets everything  be able to talk to each other including the engine, transmission, body control, and even brakes. It works the same way a computer communicates with its own parts, with 0's and 1's. Literally, multiple pulses or pauses  of electricity (0110101001) just like Morse code. Computers are able to understand this language and can
respond properly. This is much different and far more advanced than the older cars without this system.

    Our Technician concluded there were multiple chewed wires and a shorted-out CAN module thanks to his dedication to advanced electrical diagnostic skills. He knew if we disassembled the interior of this car we would find multiple issues with the vehicle's main wiring harness running in all directions from the front to back roof to floor and everything in between. After disassembly, his hypothesis was correct finding many chewed-through wires and evidence of rodents. Mouse icon in Emoji Style(this would be a comprehensive insurance claim if this kind of thing ever happens to you)
After fully replacing the Fusion's entire wiring harness and CAN control module and reassembling the entire interior, we have completely restored this vehicle to its fully operational state.
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