Anything NEW with you?

When it comes to servicing our customers we strive to do the best we can possibly do and always want to go above and beyond. Our core values,  STRIVE (Service, Trust, Respect, Integrity, Value and Excellence), play an important role in how we are able to carry out our work and provide the best service possible. Working Magic under your hood is not just a slogan for us, it's our standard operating process.  

Our best practice starts at the very beginning of our relationship with our clients.. Asking important questions and really listening and hearing you, this is nothing NEW to us. 

NEW  Needs, Expectations, and Wants. Understanding these small but important details set us all up for success right from the start.



What are your Needs? How do you use your vehicle? Are you using your vehicle to commute to work and run light errands? Does your job require you to be on the road traveling from client to client? Do you work from home and merely use your vehicle for necessities and recreational activities? Do you have a minimal commute but have children that need to be taxi’d to school and sports activities? 

All of these result in very different NEEDS of the client.

    Expectations. What do you expect from your vehicle? Are you leasing and just in need of safety and required services until your lease is up? This vehicle is secondary and requires little attention, but you have basic services performed to keep it ready for the road in a pinch. Are you driving a fairly new vehicle that may need wear and tear parts (ie brakes and tires) and recommended oil change services? Is your car paid off and you want to keep it in the best possible condition to avoid the expense of a new vehicle and payments? These will tell us what your EXPECTATIONS are. 

     Do you intend to keep this vehicle running in the best possible shape, in hopes of keeping it forever or passing it down?. Do you foresee yourself keeping your vehicle, however do not desire to invest in anything more than necessities and safety items? You understand that maintaining your vehicle is important for performance and extending its life, however now just might not be a good time to make the repair?. Understanding your WANTS makes it clear to us how we address each and every situation. 


    We feel that if we have a solid understanding from the very beginning we have set ourselves and you up for the most efficient and effective experience possible. Throughout the process we will continually keep you informed with calls, texts, photos and recommendations. No work will be done without authorized consent. 

    When you hand over your keys to us, we want you to feel confident that your NEWs for your vehicle are understood and will be honored. We appreciate you putting your trust in us and we assure you that our talented team of technicians will deliver superior service on your vehicle every step of the way. It’s the Magic touch.

Give us a call, text, or schedule your next appointment appointment here.



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