A lot of noise upsetting your ride

A recent situation that our client faced with their 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 Liter was a loud growling/humming sound coming from the rear of the vehicle while driving. This can be caused by failing pinion bearings inside the rear differential. Here at Automotive Magic, we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and repair this sort of issue quickly and efficiently. Our expert technician used a stethoscope, just like a doctor, to confirm the problem and then disassemble the rear differential to replace all the bearings. 

But, what causes the pinion bearings to fail internally? Lack of fluid changes is the primary culprit. Gear oil breaks down over time and becomes less protective and more abrasive, causing damage to the bearings. This is why it’s important to maintain all the fluids in your vehicle, including differential fluids, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. 

At Automotive Magic, we understand the importance of maintaining all the fluids in your vehicle. Our technicians take fluid samples and determine their integrity to avoid costly repairs, and, also recommend changing the front differential fluid and transfer case fluid to avoid premature failure of those components. 

Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has earned us our reputation in the Kenvil, and Lake Hopatcong, NJ community as skilled, honest, and affordable. With a wide range of services, including brake repairs, engine diagnostics, tire services, and more we can tackle the toughest auto repair challenges. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we have the expertise to get the job done right the first time. 

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