20 years in the making

When I walked into MY auto repair shop on April 1st, 2003, I was thinking, “This has got to be a joke!”.

I had been working on cars for years already. Starting with my dad in the driveway, then moving on to chain shops. But I was sick of busting my butt, providing top-quality repairs faster than anyone else, only to be underappreciated by shop managers. Don’t get me wrong, my customers always appreciated me and my work, you are the reason I struck out on my own.

I was burned out by people around me not caring as much as I did. The culture was, “sell everything you can, whether the customer needs it or not.” That stuff just doesn’t work! So, I built the Automotive Magic brand around a different philosophy – serving people while just happening to work on cars.

Humble Auto Repair Beginnings

April Fool’s Day in 2003, I had two bays, two lifts, two telephones and one me. I did it all. It was in that first year that I learned that serving people was the key to success. I would laugh with the people bringing their cars to me, cry with them, and always show them love. Shortly after that, I hired my first employee, a service writer, and the rest is seemingly history! Soon after, I hired another technician.

A few years later, we had outgrown the two bays and it was time to move to our current location at 34 Berkshire Valley Road. We have 18 employees [?], 4 bays, 7 lifts. In August of 2022 we opened our second location at 320 Espanong Road which is focused on preventative maintenance and called it Magic Lube and Rubber. We have four rock stars serving Lake Hopatcong and the surrounding communities. It’s been an honor to serve the people and community I was born and grew up in!

Magical Automotive Repair into the Future

I must acknowledge that twenty years ago, I had no idea what Automotive Magic would become, and truth be told, I still don’t. What I do know is that it has been a profound honor to be able to serve the people who birthed me, then taught me, gave me a chance, and trusted me and my team! Without the support and belief of so many people around me, none of this would have been possible. Not for nothing, thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me - from my parents and brother to my employees, and especially to our customers. I may be the one making the magic happen, but it took a cast of thousands to empower me to make me happen. I got into this work to spend time with my dad and family and have grown my family to include all of you! 

Thank you!



                       THE MAGIC TEAM 

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