We Value Your Business

Do you ever get annoyed when you hear advertisements about new customer incentives and first time discount offers and then wonder, “What am I chopped liver? I’ve been coming here for years!” In the world of retail, and that includes automotive repair and services, every time someone new walks through the door, or calls our number, we want to assure them that they are making the right decision by choosing us and we nurture that trust.

We essentially are being interviewed. We want our best light to shine. We want them to choose us because we are the best choice for them and their needs. If they do in fact choose us, we’re not stopping with a “we got you” attitude. We have just been given the opportunity to prove ourselves. We are on our best game, and we’re crossing our t’s and dotting our 

i’s. We’re carrying that precious new egg to the nest to be nurtured until that little crack appears, then the beak, and hopefully, carefully that little bird hatches into a beautiful new life full of opportunities. Nurturing and protecting that new life is oh-so-critical in the first moments, hours, and days! There is a lot at stake with the “new ones.”

For some businesses the “royal” treatment stops there- “here’s your invoice, thank you very much. Next!” But not with us! We want you to know that you will always be as important to us as you were the very first time you walked through our doors, as if it’s your first time (again)! We want the shine to remain on the apple and that no one has lost that “lovin’ feeling.” Especially our team!


We’ve created our new loyalty program to let you know that we want to be in this with you for the long haul. That every time you make the decision to return to us,  it’s because we’ve earned your business and trust. We recognize that you can go anywhere, but you’ve chosen us, again and again. 

With our customer loyalty program, it’s just a little way for us to show our appreciation to you for choosing us and for coming back! The next time you come in for an oil change service you’ll receive a keychain that is shaped like a car, with the numbers one through four on it. The #1 will already be stamped, and every time you come in, we’ll punch another one. When it’s filled, the 5th oil change service will be complimentary. 

We are always striving to make your experience with us the best possible. Service, Trust, Relationship, Integrity, Value, and Excellence are our core values that we stand by.Thank you for every time you have chosen Automotive Magic and Magic Lube & Rubber and knowing that “We work magic under your hood.” We promise to continue that as we continue to grow our relationship with you. 



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