Prepare your vehicle for upcoming road trips


As we enter into the warmer weather, summer is rapidly approaching, vacation destinations are top of mind

and planning is in motion. A lot more people will be driving this year, as opposed to flying to their chosen location.

While making your itinerary and deciding on beach gear and suitable clothing, you may want to consider getting

your vehicle prepared as well. The extra weight of luggage, bicycles, and passengers in your vehicle

can put an extra burden on your vehicle.




A quick visit to our shop can help prevent some unfortunate mishaps along the way.

Checking the condition of your tires, making certain that they

have proper pressure and tread can make for a smoother ride

and help in obtaining better gas mileage.

A fresh oil change is a good idea, to make sure all those engine

parts that are working extra hard are lubed and moving easily.

New wiper blades can make for better visibility especially when traveling on unfamiliar roads,

which is a good practice. 


An A/C system check can make sure that when you are escaping the heat in the comfort of

your vehicle that it’s all cool and comfortable. 

With every service we include our multi-point inspection, safety always being the top priority, and topping off of your fluids so that you will be ready to hit the road and have some fun!

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