Must-Knows for New Teen Driver

So life has progressed at warped speed before your eyes and your baby, your baby is getting their License, how can you even stand it?? 
You’ve been through every 1st with them, bitten your nails down to nothing, your teeth are ground to disrepair, but in all this, you are proud, supportive, encouraging, and secretly scared to death. 
The license…
On one hand - you are Finally giving up the taxi driver hat, your 24/7 mom/dad, can you bring me wherever it is imperative that they be. You’ve just received absolute freedom, and then it hits you, MY BABY. What if? How can this be, What if? Well, we can’t ease every worry and doubt that will come up through this transition, however, we do have some key safety points and suggestions that might make mom & dad relax a little, while Jr. is out taking on life behind the wheel.

Here are some very important tips to get  you started:

Get to know the vehicle:  They will be the driver, and even though they may think they know it all, they need to feel comfortable in the vehicle they are going to be driving. Get them in the driver's seat, adjust and learn where everything is. The seat adjustments, the mirror angles, lights, blinkers, hazard lights, windshield wipers, windows safety locks, GPS. 

They really need to get a feel for where everything is so that when they are driving, they won't be dangerously distracted from the road trying to figure it out.

What the dash signals mean and what to do when they are illuminated. Now that they are accustomed to the interior and the tools they need to be familiar with let's give them some insight on what is necessary to make sure they are properly maintaining the vehicle.

Checking the Engine Oil 

Checking the tire pressure

How to change a tire

Know where the tools are located in the vehicle. (Include a road safety kit inside the vehicle.)

How to check and fill the fluids Engine Oil, Windshield Fluid. 

How to jump-start a car. 

We realize that this may be a lot to go over, but laying down the foundation for your new driver can bring an enormous amount of peace of mind for you as they begin their journey as a new driver.

Be safe and be well. Happy driving! 


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