Magic in the shop

Here is just one example of how routinely maintaining your vehicle can help to prevent bigger problems in the future. For this particular repair, Jay, our ASE Master certified technician took

on this challenge and was able to bring this vehicle back to life.


14 Dodge Ram Promaster 3.6 Liter V6 with under 100k miles. These engines have common issues with the Lifters seizing causing a tick. If that tick is ignored too long the camshaft lobe starts to grind away as you see here. When this happens metal shavings are thrown throughout the entire engine. This customer decided to go the right way with a full new engine replacement. Although sometimes you can get away with replacing the camshaft and lifters and flushing the engine oil, but this is only hoping the rest of the engine isn't too worn out from all the metal shavings and is not recommended. Although this is a very common issue on multiple different engines, consistent quality maintenance will avoid such costly repairs. We not only recommend consistent oil changes but also an engine flush every 4th oil change to keep all the oil galleys (like your arteries) clear of all debris and gunk, keeping your engine running smoothly for years to come. As you can see in a couple of pictures this customer also went with a new transmission, which also seems to be a common issue stemming from a lack of transmission services (everyone forgets about these). Keeping your transmission fluid fresh, clean and free of debris and changing your transmission filter is vital to transmission health and longevity.


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