Getting to Know your Car

If you have ever felt uncomfortable when you have brought your car in for service,

you might just be a perfect participant in our car clinics. 

With vehicles today, there are so many things to consider.

We understand that you want to get in your car and go and

not have to worry about whether it's going to reliably get you to your destination.

That’s why we’re here, it’s our job to make sure that your vehicle is running

at its best performance. And, there are some things that you can do that should

the occasion arise you are prepared with some very useful information.

That’s exactly why we offer our car clinic. This last clinic was especially for the ladies.

Many times when we sit with our customers (more often the women) we hear them

express the want to know more about their vehicles and have the knowledge and

know how to handle some unexpected situations. So, we created this hands-on seminar,

to enlighten you and help you to be a little less intimidated by what’s under the hood.


At the latest seminar, the ladies brought with them their questions, their enthusiasm and their

willingness to learn. The most important thing was that they showed up! Tyler, our lead technician

at Magic Lube & Rubber, was really excited to share his knowledge with them, he wanted these

ladies to be ok if something should go wrong, just as he would if it were his mom or his fiance. 

First they popped the hood to take a look and find out where and what was what. From how to

check fluids to how to attach jumper cables, and what the filters do and why they need to be replaced.

When they felt comfortable an had a good understanding under the hood, the car went up on the lift.

Now they were actually seeing the underside of the vehicle. Tyler & Josh pointed out some great

points about the brake system, and exhaust and while it was up there, demonstrated an oil change. 

Once back on the ground, tires were next. They went into how to find out how much air their tires require,

how to put the air in, tire tread depth and wear. But, they didn’t stop there, they actually changed a tire.

Yup, jack, lug nuts, some elbow grease, and little grime, but yes ma'am mission accomplished!

These ladies are now equipped with the  “I can do that” feeling, and a sense of accomplishment and

confidence, the hands-on clinic wrapped up, but the learning didn’t. 

We moved the lessons over to a nonautomotive topic and the demonstration was turned over to Lourdes.

Lourdes of the Wine is a wine sommelier and an expert on grapes, and wine. Her tagline is

' ' Love wine, learn wine” so that’s what they did. At first, it was a little curious to see the bottles

set out on the table in brown bags, (we weren't on the street, and we were all of legal age).

Soon, Lourdes explained that it was a blind wine tasting, but instead of blinding us, she blinded the bottles.

(she’s so creative) First, she shared some Prosecco to help clear our pallets, then she went onto the first white, asking about the aroma and to describe what that was, then the tasting, again asking what we tasted and felt about it.

We talked about where the grapes were from and how different regions and how they’re grown makes them different.

We explored 3 more of her hand-picked selections and the result was that each of us felt like the next time we are at a restaurant and would like to try a new wine, we now have more of an idea of what we’re looking for, thanks to Lourdes. 


Want to schedule an Auto Clinic and wine-tasting seminar? Give us a call we'll design one for you, or put you on a list to contact, so that you don't miss the next one. 


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